Breeder Bucks

Whitehouse Whitetails will generate a champion herd for you to help expand your business.  Our breeder experts are committed to providing you with superior breeder bucks. When you’re looking for first-class genetics in your herd, our professional breeders have what you need.   We are dedicated to giving you the highest scoring bucks imaginable. Each of our breeder bucks are developed with elite whitetail does and sires. Lets us fulfill your breeder buck needs today! Call us at (616) 675-5067.

Semen Sales

You can browse our semen sales page where you can view all of our breeder bucks and their semen straw prices. Browse the genetics and family trees to see which breeder buck is right for you. Our breeder bucks also come with motility reports, so you can be sure you’re getting the best producing semen straws. Our semen straws start at just $250 per straw and go up to $2,500 per semen straw. Whitehouse Whitetails also offers you special discounted rates for semen straws when you buy in bulk! Find out more on our specials page or call us at (616) 675 – 5067.

Breeder Sales

Visit our breeder sales page where you can meet our world-class breeder bucks. Some of our top-notch bucks include Beanstalk, Big Tyme, Hi-Tine, Grande, Chick Magnet, Lil Tex and Mad Scientist. With our elite breeder buck genetics we conceive superlative does and sires. Whether you’re just beginning a herd or are looking to expand it, our superior breeder bucks are available today! For more information call us at (616) 675-5067.

New Breeders

Check out our new breeders page where you can explore some of our youngest growing bucks available! These bucks are full of life and are all sizes. Most of our new breeders range from 2 to 3-years-old. Each of our young breeders are world-class bucks with the ability to produce the best semen straws for your breeding needs. Come on in and check out our new breeders today or call us at (616) 675 -5067!