New Breeders

Meet our new young breeder bucks! These breeder bucks are high-quality sires to help you build your herd. Whitehouse Whitetails offers top-of-the-line new breeders that are perfect for you. Browse our new breeders today! If you have any questions, or for more information call us today at (616) 675-5067.

Red 24 aka the golden boy is our poster buck. A true beauty of Whitehouse Whitetails and the quality a hunter or breeder can expect while choosing the best whitetail outfitter & breeder in Michigan.

Yellow 7 is our big, wide, massive main frame 8 point typical monster. 30″ inside spread with 249″ of head gear!

Yellow 18 will be 4.5 this coming season. One of our great typicals.

Green 520 is yet another great typical.Call for more info today!

Yellow 6 is ready to make your herd dreams a reality! Call about this 3-year-old breeder today!

White 114 is a massive display of typical as well a little junk.

Green 523 magnificent buck call today for more info.

Green 522 aka the thing, is a 500″+ beast, this mount you see are just his 2.5 yr old sheds. It will be fun watching him grow into this new season.

White 39 aka iron man. Just one of the kings of the sanctuary.

Blue 83 aka high tine.

Yellow 49 aka big little horn one of our great non-typical whitetail bucks.

Yellow 24 another giant non typical at Whitehouse Whitetails.

White 11 at Whitehouse Whitetails.