Whitehouse Whitetails Semen Straw SpecialsWhitehouse Whitetails offers special discounts when you buy semen straws in bulk! Our semen straw specials are designed to fit your breeding needs. Browse our inventory of semen straws and get the perfect breeder buck! With prices starting at just $250 per straw, there is something for everybody’s budget. Find out more today by calling (616) 675-5067.

  • Buy 10 at $250 and get one free!
  • Buy 10 at $500 and get two free!
  • Buy 10 at $750 and get three free!
  • Buy 10 at $1,000 and get four free!
  • Buy 10 at $2,500 and get five free!

We provide complete DNA, family tree and motility reports for our breeder bucks.  Some of our breeder buck favorites at $250 include Soft-Tail, Drew Pete, Chiquito, and Boomer Pete! Meet our $500 semen straw breeder bucks including Demeter, Case, Murray, Pepper, Weapons on Fire, and Billy Pete. Explore the $750 per straw breeder bucks including Grande, Landscaper, Beanstalk, Spiderman, Mad Scientist, and Lightyear. If you’re looking for even larger bucks, check out the $1,000 semen straw breeder bucks including Beautrager, Hi-Tine, Little Johnny, Big Tyme, and Beau-Beau. Whitehouse Whitetails also provides high-class breeder bucks’ semen straws for $2,500 that include sires like Chick Magnet, S&M, M&M, Lil’ Russ, and M&M Magnum (limited supply). For more information on our breeder bucks and semen sales call us today at (616) 675-5067!